The quaint town of Thornbury attracts affluent residents who are enamored by its charming downtown, superb restaurants, boutique shops, and proximity to excellent recreational amenities like skiing, golfing, the harbour, and trail system. While it’s a favourite for retirees, it’s also a sought after community for young families. Thornbury also has a picturesque waterfront where families gather to enjoy the pier, fish ladder, and the Mill—a local favourite.

Most homes in Thornbury are freehold residential properties, though there are some townhomes and condos.

The Blue Mountains

A top destination for vacationers and people who want to settle in an area that lends itself to an active lifestyle, The Blue Mountains is abundant with recreational amenities. Residents can easily connect with the outdoors, and enjoy a diverse lifestyle.

The Blue Mountain, most famous for the Blue Mountain Ski Resort and The Blue MountainVillage has everything including the best skiing in Ontario, charming shopping, wonderful restaurants, nightlife, relaxing spas, and convenient access to Georgian Bay.

Real estate in The Blue Mountains mainly consists of freehold residential properties, including waterfront homes and builds on the escarpment. There are also individually owned townhomes among the village hotels.


Meaford is a growing, small waterfront town in South Georgian Bay. Located just west of Thornbury, this quaint community offers an incredible small town vibe and value proposition for both retirees and families alike. Meaford’s downtown core is highlighted by its beautiful Victorian-style architecture, and its waterfront location makes it perfect for activities like boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and enjoying lakeside living.

Residents tend to spend days at the harbour, or otherwise frequent Meaford Hall—a century-old landmark and arts and culture hub in historic downtown Meaford. Tourists visiting Meaford always stop at the Big Apple for photos and local information about the town.

Meaford homes are mostly freehold residential properties, with some condos and townhomes available.

We’ve been helping clients plant roots in the area for decades. This is where families come to grow, where explorers come to discover, and where community is built.


A historic ship-building town with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Collingwood is a vibrant community known for its many independent breweries, restaurants, and boutique shops. It’s a place that offers diversity of lifestyle, making it great for families as well as retirees. Residents have excellent access to great food, specialty shops, beautiful trail system, and picturesque waterfront. There are plenty of amenities including natural attractions perfect for active residents.

Collingwood is characterized by a few landmarks, including the heritage museum, and the long-since closed grain terminals that stand strikingly white against the blue backdrop of Georgian Bay. The inukshuk at Sunset Point is an homage to the rich cultural history of the region, while town hall and the old post office remain as vestiges of the old town.

Properties in Collingwood are mainly freehold residential homes, while a number of condos and townhomes also populate the area.

Grey Highlands

The Grey Highlands is the perfect country setting for rural living enthusiasts. It’s also nestled next to the escarpment, giving residents excellent access to the surrounding nature and active lifestyle opportunities. While the Grey Highlands communities are a perfect example of remote living, residents still have easy access to larger nearby towns. But the beautiful scenery might just keep you here.

Beaver Valley is a sought after community within Grey Highlands; a picturesque area filled with quaint communities known for scenic country living. As a serene rural area, Beaver Valley is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and outdoor adventure. More remote than other communities in the region, Beaver Valley is great for active lifestyles and residents who value a high level of privacy. It’s also a great place to explore some of South Georgian Bay’s best farmers’ markets, apple orchards, wineries and cideries.

Residents can be immersed in nature at Old Baldy Conservation Area, adventure down the slopes at Beaver Valley Ski Club, enjoy life on the water at Lake Eugenia, and wind down at the historic Grist Mill.

Homes in Grey Highlands are freehold, rural residential properties.

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